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Pleco caves - Cichlid shelters - Shrimp houses

First class handcrafted quality

Handmade ceramic pleco and cichlid breeding caves with a natural look

The catalog is almost here!

The long-awaited catalog is almost available! A balanced collection of products for breeding ancistrus, Lnumbers and cichlids, hiding places for cichlids and other fish and products that improve the well-being of shrimp. Everything is made by hand.

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About Ellie Hollow

Ellie Hollow was started at the end of 2015 with the aim of bringing more variety to the available products on the market. Natural looking ceramic products with the aim of breeding fish, providing optimal hiding places and decorating your aquarium. The quality of the product is given the highest priority. This in combination with the needs of breeders, hobbyists and enthusiasts within the aquarium world.

All Ellie Hollow products are made by hand with high-quality ceramics, so we can guarantee quality and fulfillment of needs.

Over the years, the range has grown significantly, this will not change in the future. A constant search for innovation and improvement is the basis of the manufacturing process. Not to forget that all products have a correct price compared to other players in the market.

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